About MGRH

             MGRH is dedicated to creating a harmonious partnership between human horse. Mary tries to teach people to understand how the horse thinks, feels, and reacts. As a herd animal, a horse looks to us for guidance, reassurance, and trust.

             Understanding a horse’s ‘herd’ instincts is only half of the learning. If we as the ‘herd leader’ betray the horse’s confidence…who can he trust? Without your partner’s trust…you have no partner.

             It never ceases to amaze me that a tiny little piece of metal, and even a black pearl can so effectively control an animal who out weighs us by at least 10 times. At MGRH we strive to create a happy and responsive animal. One who is sensitive, attentive, and a pleasure to ride.

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         MGRH has the Experience,Knowledge, and Dedication to help you begin your journey. No, I am NOT a ‘Horse Whisperer’, but I do believe that in order to communicate with your horse, you need to understand the horse’s way.
             Horses accepted for Training and Showing

             All Ages Welcome

             Contact Mary for more information


             *Tip: If a horse has 16 hours of light in a day, their coats will stay short and slick year round. Keep them warm though! I stable my horses at night where there are automatic light timers.

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