Show Prep Fees



Mane Thinning/Trimming


Trimming horse’s head (Under jaw, Ears, Muzzle, and Bridle Path)


Clipping horse’s Legs and fetlocks


Trimming horse’s tail (upper sides…includes banging) $5.00

Braiding (Manes MUST be properly thinned/trimmed first)

Without Tape

With Tape

Button Braids



Dressage Braids



Hunter Braids $45.00
French Braid $20.00
Hunter Braid for Tail $30.00
No extra fees for any damages over night (braids rubbed out)
Make- Up (highlighting, scar cover up, body polish, and hoof polish) With hoof polish$40.00 Without hoof polish$30.00
Full Make over Discounts (includes mane trimming, clipping horse’s head & legs, braids, pearl earrings make up & hoof polish… unless owner doesn’t prefer it)
Button Braids $100.00
Dressage Braids $125.00
Hunter Braids $140.00

If special trip must be made to a show over 20 miles away, travel expenses are expected to be paid by horse’s owner at  .45 per mile. 

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